Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Staff Apreciation Week: March 20 - 24

From the Parent Network:

This is a friendly reminder that next week, March 20-24, is Staff Appreciation at Ness Middle School.  Thank you so much to parents who have already sent in contributions.  Below you will find a link to an online sign up sheet with many options if you would like to contribute.  We are also accepting monetary contributions in the hopes of having lunch ordered in on Thursday, March 23rd.  Each class has been assigned a student rep to collect funds.  If you would rather, you can send it in an envelope with attention to the PARENT NETWORK.

Class reps:
Room 201 - Alexa P.
Room 205 - Ava M.
Room 206 - Sydnee M.
Room 207 - Ethan B
Room 208 - Ava N.
Room 209 - Vaughn B.

Online sign up link:

Thank you!



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