Friday, 26 May 2017

AAiM Day

This morning was jam packed full of activities, information and fun!
Here are some of the activities we took part in:

FLIGHT: This station taught us all about the the Bernoulli Principal, along with many other scientific principles through a mini-lesson and through experimenting with different designs of paper airplanes.

SPACE: “Crater Fun” participants became scientist-detectives by participating in asteroid impacts simulation and reporting on their characteristics. 

ROCKETRY: Students learned about rocketry by experimenting and launching straw rockets.

COMPOSITES:  Students learned about the evolution of composites and how they are used to build aircrafts. Students also made a small composite panel.

HERC THEATRE: This activity was held on a Hercules aircraft where students learned about and observed various careers in aerospace and aviation, both in the air and behind the scenes! 

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